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We’ve seen our fair share of unusual customer complaints, but this one (and the company’s response) takes the cake as the most unique and clever of them all.

Disgruntled passenger Gus Dolding took to budget airline Norwegian Air’s Facebook page to air his grievances with the company, complaining about being charged $188 to change the name on his plane ticket after an error.

But being a musician, Dolding had a rather unorthodox way of filing his complaint, opting to write it in the form of a poem:

Why can't you be fair
Norwegian Air
No headphones do you include
Nine hours with no free food

The stress of a sixty-quid bag 
Would make the plumpest of mammories sag
Aviational scandals from Scandinavian vandals
You're a disgrace to the Norwegian flag

And Kiwi.com you're just as bad
Helping these rogues as there's money to be had
Is it hard to operate with decency?
To cooperate and offer leniency?

I admit it was wrong to put his first name as Bill 
William Edward Gabriel, the seat whose bum will fill
One hundred and twenty euros for what?
For two minutes of typing that's rather a lot

Why can't you be fair
Norwegian Air
Just skip that amendment fee
And just let us change it for free

To their credit, Norwegian decided to forgo the usual cut-and-paste corporate response in favour of an equally clever and unique reply.

Dear Gus,
We understand all the fuss
We try our best to reduce all the buzz
But fear not because
we do not throw anyone under the bus
especially not a person like you
since diamonds in this world are so few

We are sorry for any inconvenience that may have occurred
It can seem like our vision is sometimes blurred
But I can promise you that we try to fly like a bird

We thank you for your rhyme
We had a really great time
You thank us for being fair
We thank you for joining us up in the air

We wish you a great trip
With us the world is on your finger tip
Just be sure to follow the landing strip

The airline agreed to waive the fee, and a thrilled Dolding thanked them with one final poem.

I'm sorry for my anger was quite misplaced
And I responded with unnecessary haste
The booking agent is who lacked any manners
They do not deserve to be professional planners

Cheers for being so easy to reach
The robots on phones can be hard to breach
I commend you again, would recommend to a friend
You've saved me and my friends 40 euros each!

Facebook users loved the hilarious exchange, labelling it as “brilliant” and calling for the company to give a raise to their social media managers.

Norwegian Air issued a statement praising their customer service personnel, writing, “Our customer care team are on hand to support more than 30 million passengers flying with Norwegian each year, and this poem shows they are also a flexible, clever and creative group of people.

“We’re delighted to resolve the customer’s issue in a playful way that shows that a little light-heartedness can go a long way.”