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1. Gifting flowers

If you’re giving flowers in Russia, do so with caution. Yellow flowers signal deceit or a relationship break-up, while red carnations are only offered to war veterans.

There’s a reason the saying “when in Rome” exists. Despite what some tourists might think, when you’re on holiday overseas you’re a guest of that country and you’re expected to behave accordingly. The problem comes when we don’t realise simple day-to-day actions back home, are major faux pas in the places we’re visiting.

So you’re not treading on eggshells when you make your next big overseas escape, we’ve done some research and found 10 odd international rules that could get you in a lot of trouble overseas. While doing these things won’t cause anyone in Australia to bat an eyelid, overseas it could be the start of a minor international incident.

To see these rules, scroll through the gallery above.

Were you aware of these rules? Have you been to any of the countries features in our list? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.