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Nothing says economy travel quite like the invasion of personal space, but one Qantas passenger has taken it to a whole new level.

A passenger has shared an image of a woman’s foot centimetre’s away from his in-flight meal.

“She nearly stuck her toe in my meal,” the passenger wrote alongside a photo in a viral Reddit post.

“At one point this ignorant beast had her legs across half the narrow walkway causing stewardesses to navigate around her.”

Unsure how to tackle the situation, the man said he initially considered an extreme measure but was set straight by his wife.

“I motioned to my wife that I should stab her foot with my onboard plastic knife,” he wrote.

“She slapped my shoulder, I took that as a ‘NO’.”

He admitted he regretted not asking his fellow passenger to put her feet back on her side of the seat.

“I'm not sure why, really. Maybe that constant nagging many of us have to not cause a scene,” he wrote.