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For the past few months, tributes have been flowing as the world marks 20 years since the tragic death of Princess Diana. While many are marking the anniversary by remembering all her incredible humanitarian work, one British town decided to do something a little different – and it’s safe to say their risk didn’t pay off.

Chesterfield Borough Council commissioned a floral tribute to the People’s Princess as part of its festival for dressing wells, but the final “horrendous” product hasn’t gone down well.

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Understandably, the interpretation has been met with much criticism and mockery. “I saw it and thought what an insult to Diana,” one resident wrote. “Luckily she had a sense of humour and would probably be laughing.”

Another said they hoped it had been created by a primary school, while one Twitter user said, “I live here and, let me tell you, I can feel its eyes on me, even now in my house.”

Despite hundreds of critical responses to the artwork on social media, the Council are highly defensive of it. “All art is meant to be a talking point and that certainly seems to be the case with this year’s design,” a spokesperson told the Derbyshire Times.

“The well dressing is designed to attract visitors to the area and if the publicity encourages more people to come and visit the market and local shops then that can only be good for Chesterfield.”

It’s not the first time an artistic likeness has been called out for being ridiculously bad. Last year, the mayor of Lucille Ball’s hometown replaced the often-mocked “scary Lucy” statue with a much more realistic figure. And earlier this year, Christiano Ronaldo’s hometown unveiled a bronze bust of the legendary footballer which sent social media into hysterics.

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