Unless you’ve got an in with the royal family, chances are you’ve never seen the inside of the Queen’s private study at Balmoral. But during an audience with the Canadian Governor General Designate, Julie Payette, Her Majesty has offered a rare glimpse behind closed doors.

The last time we saw inside was in 1977, when the Queen and Prince Philip were pictured behind a desk in the room.

Image_ (14)

And, if these new photos are anything to go by, it seems not much has changed! Scroll through the gallery above and you’ll see just how frugal and resourceful Her Majesty is, repurposing the fabric from her old sofas into new cushions and only spending $35 on a simple electric heater.

There is one extra modern convenience, however – a sleek flat-screen TV with a Sky box (the UK equivalent to Foxtel).

Take a look inside and tell us in the comments below, what do you think of her study?