"To live a life of heaven on earth is to sail through Doubtful Sound, New Zealand."

It's a bold statement to make but US tourist Frank Lin reckons his photo of dolphins frolicking in Fiordland captures just that.

"New Zealand was more beautiful than we had ever imagined," Lin, who lives and works in Los Angeles, says.

"Driving in the South Island was like driving in a dream. It is what I'd imagine heaven would look like if it existed."

Lin and his wife Nicole have travelled all over the world and spent four months planning their 10-day trip to New Zealand in 2016.

"Our trip to New Zealand was not about the destination, but it was about the journey from one place to another.

"To me, the best part of travelling is the anticipation and planning is a huge part of that," Lin, who owns a design and animation studio, said.

"It is the best part of the day during down time at work."

Lin's photo recently garnered attention after he posted it to news-sharing website Reddit, where it got nearly 1000 "upvotes", or likes.

"NZ must be the most beautiful country in the world," one person commented. "My favourite place in the world," another added.

The travelling couple, who write about their adventures at The Wondernuts, also visited the Waitomo Caves, Hobbiton, Rotorua and Queenstown, among others.

Lin says they were particularly impressed with the food scene, including the shipping containers of Re:Start in Christchurch and Auckland's food courts.

"We were spoiled in Los Angeles with a wide-array of authentic food from all around the world and had a pretty high expectation for food, and NZ did not disappoint."

Having travelled all around the world, Lin said they even considered moving to New Zealand at one point.

"We even looked into the insane housing market of Auckland and immigration process to entertain the idea of relocation."

What’s your favourite destination in New Zealand?

Written by Aisling O’Sullivan. First appeared on Stuff.co.nz. Image credit: Frank Lin / trapcode_knarf