If you ever wanted to get a sense of the power of Mother Nature, you need only glance at these images of the aftermath of New Zealand’s November 14 earthquakes.

The immense shift in earth was created by the huge quake that occurred around Kaikoura, approximately 900kms north of Christchurch. For the first time since the disaster scientists have been let back on the scene.

Fault -line -2

Dr Kate Pedley from the University of Canterbury, told Daily Mail, “Thankfully, those south and west of Waiau generally got off lightly, but it very quickly got messy for infrastructure to the northeast.

“The amount of associated rock fall, landslides and slumps were incredible.”

You can view a few more of the images in the gallery above. It’s quite humbling to see, and a stark reminder that it’s not our planet, we’re just living on it. 

Image credit: Twitter / Daily Mail


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