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Cruising is fast becoming a popular option for those who want to celebrate milestones in a memorable way while also enjoying uninterrupted time with loved ones. Whether you are celebrating a wedding, anniversary or significant birthday, cruises allow you to enjoy a significant holiday with those you hold near and dear. Here are three reasons why many travellers are opting to go on a cruise to celebrate their milestones.

1. Quality time with loved ones

A cruise will allow you to spend a few days of uninterrupted bonding with your friends and family. Not only will you be able to catch up with everyone without it being rushed but the holiday will be a great opportunity for your old friends to connect with your new ones. Cruises also provide plenty of dinning opportunities and activities that will produce special memories for all those that attend.

2. Doubles as a vacation

You and your guests will be able to enjoy a blissful holiday onboard and offboard the ship. Throughout the holiday you have the flexibility to meet up with your guests individually or collectively to ensure you have had adequate catch-up time with everyone who came along. There will also be plenty of opportunities to sneak away by the pool or the beach to enjoy some alone time if you ever need it.

3. Less stress organising

Hosting an event can sometimes involve quite a lot of time and stress. From selecting all the decorations to ensuring everyone’s dietary requirements are accounted for, the organisation of a party can sometimes take the fun out of the actual event. By going a cruise, you will have to organise which line you want to travel on and where to but the finer details such as food and decorations will be taken care of. Shelly and Patrick who got married at sea said they traded traditional activities to spend time with guests.  “We were able to enjoy the reception without any planned activities like a first dance or speeches,” said Shelly. “This made for a great, relaxing time.”

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