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Both the successes and failures of mankind have been etched throughout the decades gone by. These are the world events that have had a long-lasting impact on the Over60 community.

1. Assassination of JFK

“I was 18 and can remember to this day what I did and what I wore on November 22, 1963. And crying continuously during the funeral which was broadcast worldwide. I remember the ghostly figures on our black and white TV.” – Carmel Woods

2. September 11 terrorist attacks

“9/11 without question. In Australia, we awoke to see the horrendous images as they unfolded on our television screens. Nobody could believe it... I thought, ‘Is this a movie!?’” – Pamela Bell-Eaton

3. Princess Diana’s death

“We took some flowers to Kensington Palace. It was an unbelievable sight to see all the flowers, the perfume was heavy in the air. It was very moving indeed. I was interviewed by a French radio station outside the Palace. It wasn't until that point that the reality truly set in. A huge loss to us all, so desperately sad...” – Marion Brassington Gollop

4. The Vietnam War

“I remember those poor conscripted soldiers returning to Australia and being shunned by all including the RSL. The welcome home march they finally had for them years later was some of the most emotional vision I have ever witnessed.” – Kay Dempsey Cole

5. Moon landing  

“Moon landing – Apollo 11, July 1969 – Buzz Aldrin, Mike Collins and Neil Armstrong. It seemed that world peace and unity would follow such an amazing achievement. It didn't but as a teenager I felt the hope.” – Jenni Harding

6. 2004 Boxing Day tsunami

“I think the 2004 tsunami. Hundreds of thousand lost… I remember listening to reports with my Dad and being devastated as the toll climbed.” – Irene Gaskell 

7. Black Saturday bushfires

“Mostly the Black Saturday bushfires, I sat in front of the TV and cried my eyes out.” – Annette Henderson McKean 

8. End of World War II

“End of World War II, I was 10 and cried under a big tree because they told me my dad would not be straight home from the army. I was in boarding school and missed him so much!” – Fay Noelene O'Dwyer

9. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union

“The fall of the Berlin Wall and the breakup of the USSR. And the end of apartheid. We had lived with the Cold War for all my life until my 40s and suddenly, without bloodshed they were overturned. It seemed miraculous!” – Sally O'Wheel 

10. 1956 Melbourne Olympics

“On a positive 1956 Melbourne Olympics, I was 12 and in awe to think a little country like house could host a wonderful event and watching it on TV, it was first thing we watched on TV!” - Sandra Mcinnes

11. Hurricane Katrina

“All of these events had a lasting mark but watching Hurricane Katrina and her devastation was beyond comprehension for me. I think the worst of it was watching US politicians do pretty much nothing to help those people while at the same time congratulating each other on their handling of the situation. I found it so hard to believe that all that was happening.” – Linda Bishop

12. The GFC  

 “For me it was the global financial crisis, caused by the greed of the American Banking Sector, it wiped out about 50 per cent of my retirement fund.” – Ray and Lyn Allan

13. Cuban Missile Crisis

“The Cuban Crisis in 1962. I was working in London and we were all watching the clock, getting ready to jump under our desks when a bomb fell on London, as if that would have helped, but we weren't any the wiser then.” – Pam Ellis

14. The Rwandan Genocide

“The Rwandan Genocide, I visited on the 20th anniversary of it and it changed my life, as the world stood and watched in 1994.” – Danny Armstrong

15. Cyclone Tracy

“Waking up on Christmas morning and hearing about Cyclone Tracy in Darwin.” – Leigh Lord

What world event had the most impact on you? Let us know in the comments below.

Image credit: NASA