Moorabool Shire councillor and sometimes snake catcher Jarrod Bingham posted a photo of a hidden serpent on Facebook. Can you spot the snake hiding in the wall?

Here’s the full image to get a better look:

Did you see it? For the answer, scroll through the gallery above.

While there’s only one snake picture, apparently it wasn’t the only one present.

Mr Bingham says there was another snake tucked away in the rock wall located near the factor in Melton, and it’s believed the two serpents were mating.  

“Removing the snakes unfortunately is a very difficult task when they are in these rock walls,” he said.

“Apparently there is two hiding in there (mating pair) - it is mating season after all.”

While Mr Bingham has experience with snakes, he reiterated in his posts that normal people should never approach a serpent, not only for safety, but for legal reasons too.

"They (snakes) are a protected species and without the proper training and licences it is also highly dangerous as like all wild animals they are unpredictable - I can't stress enough that no body should be copying the things that I do."

"If you see a snake whilst out outdoors, stay calm and just relax.

"If you are far enough away from the snake then feel free to slowly walk backwards.

"If you're too close to the snake because you didn't see him in time then stay very still, and remember no sudden movements and a snake will not feel threatened.

"Then call a snake catcher."

Did you see the snake? 

Hero image credit: Facebook / Cr Jarrod 'snakecatcher' Bingham