tea bag uses

It always feels so wasteful to toss aside a used tea bag, but what else are you supposed to do with it – it’s fulfilled its purpose. Ah, but there’s so much more you can do with the humble tea bag, even after your mug is empty.

  1. Natural dye: Make up batches of weak tea with used tea bags to dye white cloth. If you’re making a treasure map or special letter for the grandkids, spill weak tea on the paper to give it a mottled, parchment-like colour.
  2. Protect and feed your plants: If you open up your used tea bag, and sprinkle the leaves around the base of your plants, it should keep away garden pests like mice. You can also add a few used tea bags to a bucket of water, and let it brew for a while. Use the weak tea in a watering can to protect your plants from fungal infections.
  3. Miracle handwash: No one likes those kitchen chores like peeling garlic, because it leaves an awful smell on your hands afterwards. Next time, rub a used tea bag over your hands before you wash them to help lift the offending odours away.
  4. Degrease dishes: If you struggle with food residue and grease on your dishes, soak them in water with some used tea bags.
  5. Chemical-free conditioner: Use some used tea bags to brew some weak tea. Apply it to your hair after you use shampoo for similar effects that your conditioner has.
  6. Deodorise your home: Dried tea leaves are great at combatting many household smells. If you’ve got a cat, try mixing some dried, brewed tea leaves into its litter tray. Drop some dried, used tea bags into the bottom of your rubbish bin to stop nasty smells escaping. There are so many different variations of this – post one you’ve used in the comments below.
  7. Better baths: The antioxidants naturally found in tea are great for your skin. Drop used tea bags directly into the water, or hang them from the tap and let the water flow over them. If you use something fragrant, you’ll have added aromatherapy effects while you relax.
  8. Pest deterrents: Tea bags can be used to deter a number of common household annoyances. If you are unfortunate enough to have mice that like to visit your place, tuck some dried, used tea bags in cupboards and underneath furniture, as well as near any areas you think they might try to break in – they hate the smell of tea, and should back right off. If you add peppermint oil to the bags first, you can keep away pesky spiders and ants.

Do you reuse your teabags for anything after you’ve drunk the tea? We’d love to hear your tips.

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