household item uses

In the supermarket, you can find a product for almost any use that you have. But the smart shoppers know that many products have more than one purpose – one that’s not often written on the packaging. Which of these hacks will you try?

1. Shower cap

If you need to pack some shoes in your suitcase you might be worried about the dirt from the soles getting on your clothes. Enter the humble shower cap – use it to wrap your shoes before packing them.

2. Magnet

Are you forever losing bobby pins, safety pins, tweezers and clippers in your bathroom drawer? Mount a magnet inside your bathroom cabinet to stick them to.

3. Spoons

Got a tight jar of jam that you just can’t open? Slip the large end of a spoon under the lip of the lid and it should pop right open.

4. Soap

When travelling, wrap a bar of soap inside clothes that are at risk of getting smelly (like towels).

5. Bread clip

Use the plastic clip from your loaf of bread (or a paper clip) on your sticky tape so that you can always find the end.

6. Egg carton

Store things like Christmas ornaments safely in an egg carton until next year.

7. Magazine rack

These work well as a dispenser for canned food in your pantry, and save valuable space.

8. Foil

Scissors lost their sharpness? Just fold some foil and cut through it a few times to bring them back to life.

Have you got any home tricks that you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below.

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