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Jamie Oliver has been slammed after a decadent cookies and cream milkshake recipe was published on his popular food website.

The recipe for the beverage, which contains six times more sugar than the daily recommendations, came as surprise to his fans – given the celebrity chef’s strong public stance against sugar and junk food.

The cookies and cream drink, which is served in a chocolate mug, contained 46 teaspoons of sugar (186g) and included a number of cookies.  

The shake, which is served in a chocolate mug, has mysetiously disappeared from the site

Oliver has fiercely advocated for junk food to be taxed in the UK. Last month, Oliver told British Prime Minister Theresa May that childhood obesity needed to be taken more seriously, proposing a sugar tax that included milkshakes.

TV nutritionist Carrie Ruxton told The Sun: “It goes against what he is saying in public and therefore people will lose confidence in what he is saying. It is one rule for the general public and another for Jamie Oliver, he needs to be consistent.”

The shake has since been quietly removed from Oliver's website.