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Bondi Vet’s much loved veterinarian, Dr Chris Brown explains how smoking affects our four-legged friends.

While the dangers of smoking around kids are well publicised, little has been known about the risks to pets. Until now. But just how they're affected may surprise you...

And for the furry family, it all comes down to their height. And here, size really does matter to their health. You see, cigarette smoke isn't evenly distributed in a room. After it floats up off a cigarette it then sinks back down to ground level - settling right where our pets live and breathe. But it's not just their lungs that are in danger from this low level smokescreen.

It's here that a cat and dog's favourite past times really bite them health wise. While a dog obsessively sniffs and sucks the carcinogenic particles into their nasal cavity, a cat's urge to self-groom means their tongue takes those same smoke particles that have settled on their fur into their mouth where they're swallowed. These simple acts make nasal cancer (for dogs) and intestinal cancer (for cats) a sad reality for passive smoking pets.

Cooler months are often the most dangerous time as there's simply not the open windows and doors to dilute out the smoke in the home.

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