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If you are having trouble deciding whether to be Grandma or Nanna, Grandpa or Pop, you might be wishing you had more options. Why not consider looking overseas? There are so many options from all over the world, so why not consider using one of these. It’s especially meaningful if you have some sort of link to that country.

1. Belgium (Flemish)

It is common for families in Belgium to choose alternative monikers for their maternal and paternal grandparents, to avoid confusion.

Grandma: Bomma

Grandpa: Bonpa

2. Morocco (Arabic)

Grandma: Jiddah

Grandpa: Jadd

3. Laos (Hmong)  

Grandma: Pog

Grandpa: Yawg

4. Greece (Greek)

The most common tradition for naming a baby in Greece is for the first son to be named after his paternal grandfather; and for a daughter to take the name of her maternal grandmother.

Grandma: Yaya

Grandpa: Pappoús

5. Kenya (Swahili)

Grandma: Bibi

Grandpa: Babu 

6. Russia (Russian)

Grandma: Babushka 

Grandpa: Dedushka 

7. Italy (Italian)

It is an Italian custom to gather the whole extended family together on Sunday for a traditional lunch.

Grandma: Nonna

Grandpa: Nonno

8. United States of America (Hawaiian)

Grandma: Tutu, Kuku 

Grandpa: Tutu, Kane   

9. France (French)

Grandma: Grand-mère

Grandpa: Grand-père                     

10. Romania (Romanian)

In Romanian culture it is very common for the grandparents to assist parents in raising the grandchildren.

Grandma: Bunica

Grandpa: Bunic

11. Philippines (Filipino)

Grandma: Lola

Grandpa: Lolo

12. Cambodia (Khmer)

Grandma: Yeay

Grandpa: Taa

13. Japan (Japanese)

Some children in Japan choose to shorten the traditional names for their grandparents, choosing the derivatives Jiji (for Grandpa) or Baba (for Grandma) instead.

Grandma: Oba-chan, Sobo 

Grandpa: Ojiisan, Sofu

14. India (Telugu)

Grandma: Awa

Grandpa: Tata

15. Israel (Hebrew)

Grandma: Savta

Grandpa: Saba

16. Ireland (Gaelic)

Grandma: Maimeó  

Grandpa: Daideó

17. Brazil (Portuguese)

In Brazil it is not common to find grandparents in a nursing home, they tend to live with their children.                           

Grandma: Avó

Grandpa: Avô 

18. Peru (Spanish)

Grandma: Abuela

Grandpa: Abuelo

19. South Korea (Korean)

Grandma: Halmoni

Grandpa: Halapoji

20. China (Chinese)

Grandma: NaiNai

Grandpa: YeYe

Have you got an interesting story relating to how you chose the name that your grandchildren call you? Share it with us in the comments below.

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