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As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle finalise the final details of their wedding day, they have revealed that they will be wearing the same scent as they tie the knot.

With millions expected to tune into their wedding ceremony on May 19, the couple will be smelling as good as they look because of a unique scent that has been created for them especially for their special day.

Luxury fragrance house Floris London, the only perfumer to hold a Royal Warrant from the Queen, have created a personalised unisex scent for the royal wedding.

Although many details about the scent have been kept hidden, it is reportedly based off the brand’s popular Bergamotto di Positano fragrance.

The citrus sent includes hints of wood and spice, as well as bergamot, orange blossom and green tea.

The fragrance is expected to have the Queen’s approval as the British perfumers have a longstanding relationship with the royal family.

Floris has created fragrances for Queen Victoria, King George V and they also created the “Wedding Bouquet” which was worn by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at their wedding in 2011.