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You don’t need to rely only on great genes to have clear pores on your skin. Redness, irritation, pimples and blackheads often have a root cause that you may be able to sort out before things get out of hand. Here’s what you need to do to keep your pores in good shape.

1. Sleep clean

Don’t head to bed with your makeup on, as this means your skin is going to be covered in foundation, powder, and pollution from the day for hours on end. Keep some wipes near your toothbrush so that you get into the habit of cleansing your skin before you retire for the night.

2. Hands off

When you squeeze and pick at your skin, the oil in your hands and the irritation you cause can wreak havoc with your skin. It can get infected and inflamed, making the issue even worse than before. Resist the urge to squeeze and scratch, and instead apply a specific spot treatment.

3. Scrub gently

Keep a gentle exfoliating face scrub in the shower to use once or twice a week. This will remove dead skin cells and give your skin a chance to renew itself. There’s no need to scrub every day, as this can have the opposite effect and leave your skin red and irritated.

4. Choose well

Many people cover up their skin with heavy foundation or concealer, but these can cause build up in your pores. Go for oil free products, and those specifically made for sensitive skin. You can also go for the big guns and get yourself a specific pore reduction cream. They help to minimise pores so that there is less chance of them causing issues later.

Have you got any great products that you would recommend for keeping pores in great condition? Share them with us in the comments below.