signs of intelligence

If you’re sick of feeling as though the idiosyncrasies of your personality are somehow holding you back from succeeding at life, you’re in luck.

It turns out that certain quirks of your personality are actually a sign that you are highly intelligent.

So, if you’re a potty-mouthed night owl with a messy desk who asks lots of questions, it turns out that you are most likely the smartest one in the room.

1. Swearing

Hooray for the sailors among us. It seems that intelligent people tend to swear more as they have a good grip on language. Science Direct reports that these people use swear words to get their point across, and because they are smart they can recall a good collection of curse words to choose from.

2. Curiosity

Kids are always asking “why” and it’s this same trait that is common for highly intelligent people. Questioning the status quo and wondering why we do things the way we do is how people end up with new ideas and inventions.

3. Late nights

Psychology Today reports that people that stay up later have higher IQs than those that turn in early. Basically it’s because our cavemen ancestors did most of their work before nightfall, so to stay up late means that you are evolutionarily more advanced. Go you.

4. Messy workspace

It’s often been said that a messy desk is linked with having a creative mind. Now a study from the University of Minnesota has found that the worker with the disorganised filing system and half-drunk coffees on their desk is actually just super focused at the task they are working on. They don’t have time to tidy up, they’re solving problems! In fact if they suddenly do have a clean desk it could be a sign that they aren’t feeling stimulated at work.

Do you have any (or all) of these personality quirks? Do you consider yourself a little bit smarter than your peers?

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