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Do you avoid using the phone because of your hearing loss or find yourself missing parts of the conversation? Or having to guess what the other person is saying and fill in the gaps is making you feel anxious every time the phone rings?

If your hearing is holding you back, CapTel could be the answer for you.

Thanks to CapTel, you don't have to experience any of those frustrations. Instead of relying completely on your hearing, you can listen to the conversation normally and fill in the gaps by reading the captions. Instantly participate in life again by connecting with your friends and family.

How does it work?

It works just like a normal phone, utilising your existing landline and internet connections. You can dial out and calls can be received.

When the call begins, you are automatically connected to the captioning service. You still hear everything the other person says, but in addition, their words are captioned on the phone’s display screen. You can then use a mixture of listening and reading to get the full message of the conversation every time you use the phone.

Sounds like music to the ears doesn’t it?

What current users have to say about CapTel

“My CapTel phone is easy to use and enables me to stay in touch with my family and make my own appointments.” – Allan Doig, Dunedin

“CapTel has given me back my freedom and confidence and I no longer have to wait for my husband to answer the phone.” – Angie London, Taupo

Would you like to live the life you love?

Restore your confidence, communicate freely and live the life you love!

You can depend on CapTel, it is the phone that won’t let you down. Simply pay a one-off lease fee to get a CapTel phone at your place. If you ever have any issues with the phone, it will be replaced with no extra charge.

Try CapTel risk-free for 30 days. If you don’t like it, simply return it in the original packaging, no questions asked.

With the help of CapTel, you will regain the freedom and independence to stay connected to family and friends using the phone. Click here to download a free info pack today.

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