Queen (5)

She ascended the throne at just 25, and now at the age of 92 rumours are swirling that the Queen could be preparing to step down from the throne and make way for Prince Charles.

Speculation has surrounded the monarch ever since she pulled out of a royal event at the last minute due to ill health in June, and the British government performed a dress rehearsal for the Queen’s death a few weeks ago.

And now this week, it was revealed two of the Queen’s senior aides are set to leave the palace – Sally Osman, the Director of Royal Communications, and Steve Kingstone, the Queen’s Media Secretary making a departure.

As part of the Queen’s trusted inner public relations circle, the pair have been working over time to manage the royals’ image in the wake of Meghan Markle’s family causing numerous international headlines in the lead up to her wedding to Prince Harry.

Their swift departure however has aroused further speculation the Queen could be stepping down to allow her son to take the throne, reports the Express.