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A mother has warned other parents of the dangers of using a hot water bottle, after one exploded on her four-year-old son.

Harmony Arrowsmith’s son was rushed to hospital in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast with second degree burns after a hot water bottle exploded.

The boiling water leaked onto his upper things and groin area, narrowly missing his genital area.

She posted photos of her son’s horrific injuries to a Sunshine Coast community Facebook page to warn other parents.

“I'd never thought to check our hot water bottles and I am full of regret,” Ms Arrowsmith posted.

“Please PLEASE check your hot water bottles before using them or giving them to your little ones and make sure you know what to do in the unfortunate circumstance something like this happens.”

After her was taken to Maleny Hospital he was admitted to Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane for further treatment to his wounds.

He was released 10 hours later and it is expected that his burns will not leave any scars.

“I was shocked when the nurses told me how common these injuries are – I hope sharing this will prevent some from happening,” the mum posted.

“I'm counting my lucky stars and so grateful, it could've been so much worse.”

After the horrifying incident, Ms Arrowsmith realised the water bottle was three years old and was unaware they needed to be replaced regularly.

“I had the [bladder] wrapped in a fluffy case and I'd never taken it out to check. I'll never make that mistake again,” she told the ABC

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