Tracy Adshead is a yoga teacher specialising in yoga for seniors. She is passionate about bringing healing and healthy ageing to the community.

I read recently that there are very few professional golfers who do not have their own personal yoga instructor. Nice work if you can get it! For the rest of us, the primary reason to combine yoga with sporting activities is to prevent injury – long strong muscles don’t tear as easily as short strong muscles. This 5-minute warm-up for golf focuses on the 3 key parts of the body used in a golf swing – hips/glutes, core/pelvis, and upper back. 

The reason they are key to your swing is because they create the force that is transmitted through the forearms into the club. If these areas are working well together then there’s a better chance of making an efficient swing. Yoga allows us to specifically target these areas of the body, allowing both mobility and stability to be enhanced. Breath awareness switches on the mindfulness aspect and fine tunes your awareness as to how these key areas are moving together. 

Enjoy this video, possibly try it at home a few times. Let me know if it works well for you.

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