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Irish National Lotto punters have been left questioning if the lottery results are fixed after a blunder in Saturday’s Plus One.

Because there is a huge amount of money on the cards, people are wanting to know whether this mistake is just an optical illusion or it is rigged.

Can you spot the blunder?

 The picture posted to social media appears to show the red number 38 ball also have the number 33 on it.

The ball was drawn along with 1, 4, 29, 45, 46 and the bonus ball, 26.

Ball number 38 was the second ball to be drawn and when it is pulled out, the number appears to have changed on one side.

Some viewers took to social media to complain that the draw was rigged.

One viewer wrote, “Always knew it was a fix.”

Another asked, “I wonder what other balls have extra numbers on them?”

Others have said the blunder is actually an optical illusion caused by the studio lighting.

“It’s the light reflecting on the 38 to make it look like 33. if you look at the last ball in the roll you can see the same light on the 46,” one viewer wrote.

Another said, “Looks like an 8 to me but a bit has faded or light shining on it just like the 4 in the 45 beside it.”

A spokeswoman for the Irish National Lottery said, “The National Lottery would like to assure its players of the integrity of Saturday night’s Lotto Plus 1 draw.”

“A brief reflection of light during filming caused an illusion and some players to think there were two numbers on ball 38.”

“This was not the case. The weight and size of all Lotto balls, and the numbers, are strictly checked in advance of each draw,” she said.

“This process, as well as the draw itself, is independently observed by our auditors KPMG.”

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