Because the best things in life are free, here are nine things you should never spend money on.

1. Late fees – If you find you often forget to make payments and get caught paying late fees, set up a direct debit with the company in question to avoid paying more.

2. Unwanted subscriptions – Magazine, newspaper and music subscriptions tend to automatically renew every year. If you don’t want to keep your subscription, especially if your free trial is about to run out, set a reminder in your phone or on your calendar to unsubscribe before renewal.

3. Audiobooks – Most people only use an audiobook once, so rather than shell out the cash for a new book every time you want to listen, visit your library. Many offer audiobooks free of charge.

4. Bottled water – With an array of filtered bottle options and drinkable tap water in most areas, we have little excuse to continue drinking expensive bottled water.

5. Brand new cars – As soon as a new car leaves the lot, it drastically decreases in value. Get last year’s model to save a bundle.

6. Cards – Greeting cards are read once, maybe kept for a short time, but then eventually thrown away. If you’re set on giving someone a birthday card, try making one from scratch. It costs less and means more.

7. Cell phones – If commitment doesn’t scare you, most phone companies offer “free” smartphones that you pay for within your monthly phone bill if you sign up for a 1-3 year contract.

8. Pure bred pets – Unless you can only buy a specific breed as a result of allergies, there’s no reason that you should be buying purebred puppies and cats. Millions of animals are euthanized every year because they lack a loving home. A mixed-breed dog will love you just as much as a pure bred, and you’ll be saving money and saving a life in the process.

9. Gym memberships – With so many options of working out, from at home ballet workouts, Pilates, walking, and strength training exercises you can do with a chair, you really don’t need a gym membership to stay healthy. Just invest in a few weights and active wear and skip the gym membership fees altogether.

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