Ask for a discount or better deal! If you don’t ask, you definitely won’t get anything; after all – the conversation may feel awkward but the absolute worst that will happen is they’ll say no.

Anyone can learn to negotiate and feel more comfortable doing it. Lea Ann Stundins, a finance blogger and creator of says, “There’s a misperception that asking is rude or crossing the line, but there’s a way to do it that’s respectful and effective.”

1. “I’ve got a discount flyer from another company. I’d like to stay with you, but their offer is hard to pass up. Is there anything you can do?” Don’t make it up, but if you do have a flyer from this week’s junk mail that provides a better offer, why not tell your provider about it and see if they’ll match the price?

2. “Could you please explain this new charge on my statement?” It seems like a small hassle, but we often get small fees we don’t understand – sometimes ones we don’t have to pay at all. If you’ve been a good customer, you’ll have some leverage to work with too and may be able to get some charges waived – such as bank fees for not putting enough funds into your count this month.

But don’t go in attacking the customer service representative. Use a warm and curious tone when asking. They do want your loyalty, and they might just knock off the fee just because you were the one in a hundred customers who challenged them for it.

3. “I love these! Can I have all three for $10?” Ever been at a flea market and felt the prices were too high? A negative approach will put the seller on the defensive, but if you show that you have a vested interest with a more positive statement, they’ll appreciate your enthusiasm and interest.

4. “Do you offer a group discount?”

5. “I’m a member of [insert professional organisation here].” If you’re a member of an industry group that promises discounts, see what they are and ask for your entitled discounts. You can often get educational courses discounted if you need to brush up on skills and are a member of an industry group. 

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