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These days, it’s common for police departments to share mugshots and warrants on social media in an effort to track down on-the-run criminals, but the latest callout from Victoria Police has gone viral for the most hilarious reason – the felon’s name.

William Wallace, 50, is known to police and is being searched for in relation to assault offences. Clearly, a very serious matter. But cheeky social media users couldn’t resist making the connection between the criminal and his namesake, the Scottish knight made famous for his role in the Wars of Scottish Independence – a character you may remember as portrayed by Mel Gibson in the film Braveheart.

When the police asked its followers, “Have you seen Wallace?” it was met with dozens of hilarious replies.

“He was last seen fighting the English, wanted by the king,” one woman wrote.

“His head is at Scotland yard, with his arms and legs spread around the 4 corners of the UK,” said another. “I got a feeling VIC POL may be a little late with this one...”

Another joked, “Hopefully he's ditched the blue paint. It’s a real giveaway.”

Click here to read all the cheeky comments. On the bright side, at least the police got his face out there! Hopefully they track him down soon.