Oscar hero

Ballistics expert Captain Chris Mangena has presented chilling unseen footage of the bullets that killed Reeva Steenkamp that proves Oscar Pistorius knew what he was doing.

Fragments of the bullets the double-amputee sprinter used in the incident are revealing in Investigation Discovery's Faking It: Tears of a Crime, with footage showing how Mangena formed evidence needed for the conviction.

Mangena reportedly used more than 600 photographs of the crime scene to piece together the event and figure out what he believes actually happened.

“She [Reeva] was standing behind the door, she was not in a seated position,” Mangena says.

“So, it could be that she ran into the toilet and she locked herself in the toilet, she was waiting, facing the door, inside the toilet.

“The first shot was on the hip and after this shot, she fell down. Most likely she could have screamed. She could have screamed and fell down.”

Mangena describes how he believes she fell into a seated position on top of a magazine rack, prompting Pistorius to change direction and fire free more shot.

“He fired towards the position of the magazine rack. So, to me, it shows that he knew what he was doing,” Mangena says.

Pistorius denied any suggestion that he was aware Reeva was behind the door.

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