There’s been no shortage of residents taking the administration of the parking laws into their own hands by leaving notes on other people’s cars in recent times, but we think the one featured in today’s story might just take the cake.

When a driver parked his car in front of a Bondi house which blocked a million dollar-view he was stunned where on returning he received a hand-written, politely worded note.

Note -hero

Image credit: Facebook

“Dear owner of the car,” it reads. “Would you kindly park your car a bit forward or backward, because you are obstructing my view. From the owner of Unit 10 D. Martin. Thank you.”

Kurtis, who owns the vehicle, stated his car, “'was legally parked... on Notts Avenue.”

Martin’s letter has been quite divisive on social media, with some users saying it’s a little much, while others praise the polite nature of his request.

“It's very polite', says one Facebook user.

“And to be fair, Martin has no doubt paid an absolute bomb for that view.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think the note writer is within his rights?